How we could return to normal in a month

This is the time to unite our global forces thinking that the virus is an extraterrestrial attack maxing out innovation.

Even though we made it in record time, production, distribution, and tracking are as important and could be equally or even more time-consuming.

We made it in record time. How about the speed of production and distribution?

It’s hard to imagine anything particularly good about Covid, however, if we take the important lessons and see this process as a mild example of a far worse case scenario such as a pandemic with so much more mortality and infection rate, then, the entire 2020 could serve us as training so that we can kill the next virus with so much more speed, union and coordination.

The issue we have as humans is that we are having hard time becoming one voice following what’s good for everyone.

Every nation, company and even individuals have different insight and that causes lack of educated decision making.

Even more interestingly, we don’t have a global policy regarding how to respond to such global catastrophes.

One would think World Health Organization would become an authority that all the governments would listen to respectfully, but WHO is nowhere close to making global decisions and they were also caught totally unprepared about how to respond throughout the process starting from the origin point of Wuhan.

It’s highly likely that the production, distribution and tracking progress could take another 9–12 months for the entire world with the current process.

It’s possible to significantly improve the process

Capitalism Vs Humanity

Union. Since only a few companies own the right to make the production and distribution, the entire humanity is required to lose another half a year because they don’t share the technology and distribution rights with other companies.

Magic is in the bottle (of a few companies) hidden from the use of the world

If a union of countries such as United Nations along with World Health Organization could have the power to open certain technologies to the use of the other pharmaceutical companies, the production speed would increase dramatically, which would mean a proportionate reduction in delay.

If it is even all about capitalism and the profits of a few companies, then, countries could easily sponsor their production since each country is losing billions each day when the vaccine is out of reach or other companies could pay a dynamic fee per vaccine they produce or a fixed fee to use the technology.

Issuing a Vaccine ID and Passport

Tracking. I don’t see anyone asking how we will be able to return to normal life when a certain number of people are vaccinated. How will we know if people are vaccinated? How will someone go indoors and attend to a social event without a mask?

Envision a global app that is used as a Vaccine ID and Passport

Korea had one of the least infection rates of the entire world. The reason is because they are one as a country unlike the US with freedom of each state or even people and companies taking actions independently.

Korea took strict measures right from the beginning and created the state mobile app for contact tracing using the technology and data to kill the virus where it started.

Very few countries applied the same mobile success model even though it was openly available.

Even though we didn’t use the mobile technology globally to stop the spread of the virus, we can use it as a Vaccine ID so that people can go indoors such as movie theaters, night clubs, restaurants and even work without a mask.

The mobile app could have been developed by the governments and it could be used at the airports to be scanned to travel internationally like a Vaccine Passport.

A global vaccine ID app

Hence, if the above two steps were taken, we would gain our freedom significantly earlier and look forward to bring sustainable solutions to avoid the next pandemic, which could be much worse.

It seems we will remember 2020 with one main topic only and hopefully, we act smarter for 2021 and because if we don’t become an innovative and selfless planet as one, we may remember this year as a struggle to kill the virus when we have the solution already.



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