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Design, innovation, and collaboration. I believe, these 3 play a fundamental part in who we are as human species and I always look for ways to maximize the outcome and common benefit focusing on the 3.

Saygin Celen
12 min readJan 2, 2022
My 2022

What’s in this story :

  • My current status
  • What I feel about making individual progress
  • My 2021 in Short
  • About 2022 and How I can Help Your Company Grow


I studied, lived, and worked in 3 completely different places, Turkey, Spain, and the USA. Mostly, Istanbul, Barcelona, and New York.

I studied engineering and MBA, however, I never felt the education system was applicable or practical. It was like religion or politics. Never to be questioned or changed. There was no need for discussion because it was untouchable.

I currently live in Austin, TX as my permanent address. However, I am traveling in South America, more specifically, Colombia and Brazil for the last 5 months. It’s been especially good to feel the summer in December. The world is beautiful.

What I Feel About Making Individual Progress

I believe 3 things are important in life to develop your inner self: people around you, the books you read, and where you travel.

  • People. They say the closest 5 people to you create who you are. If someone very close to you is passionate about something, e.g. about music, traveling, or entrepreneurship, then, in time, you become accustomed to the idea as well. Think of the people whom you spend the most time with. How do they effect your life?
  • Books. Books develop abstract creativity in us. We learn most of what learn by seeing it, but books make us think and visualize, which creates depth and deep insight. If you need an example, all the richest men constantly read books and they don’t read to become rich, but they read because they enjoy gaining deep insight. E.g. Elon Musk learned rocket engineering by reading, Bill Gates read one book a week and Jeff Bezos basically created the ultimate book marketplace, which then became the marketplace of everything. If you don’t have time to read, I’d recommend Blinkist, the short versions of a large selection of books. I also like Audible, Will Smith’s book, Will or you may also listen to my top-rated book, Helium Network, here. Helium Network is a well established crypto mining passive income business that anyone can do and it’s risk-free and takes no time once you set it up.
  • Travel. Traveling is gaining insight, seeing wonderful things, and making connections with people and the culture. I believe it broadens your soul, adds humility and intelligence while making the world around you understand better. When you travel, you are constantly experiencing new things, adapting, enjoying, and solving challenges. As a result, you become a more complete version of yourself and explore places, cultures along with yourself. I spent the second half of 2021 traveling South America, especially Colombia and Brazil. You can follow Innovation Party to follow my view on being a traveller and how it feels to be a digital nomad in the countries that I slow-travel.

2021 in Short


1. Helium Network. The Best Crypto Passive Income Business

Helium network was founded to become the people’s network of IoT (internet-of-things) and then, 5G. It already has 450,000 non-technical miners who just purchased the hotspot and set it up to see their helium hnt earnings grow.


Helium Hotspot — Earning passive income ($1000/mo). Used by 450,000 people around the world already. Backed by Google. Creating the people’s network of IoT and 5G.



2. OKR. Master the Performance Framework that Google Perfected

OKR is the innovation management framework that was mainly invented by Intel and became mainstream by top companies and startups alike after Google made it an inseparable part of its culture from the very beginning.

OKRs make it easy to set goals, make progress, create team spirit and measure success while making it possible to create incredible accomplishments by using stretch goals.

I was always curious about how huge companies such as Google with 70,000 people keep being innovative and OKR is the main answer because it allows the company to constantly innovate by creating small measurable goals to achieve the ultimate goal, an incredible innovation tool for top individuals or companies.

Ebook and Paperback

Climate Crisis and How We Will Create the Climate Economy

Climate crisis is the ultimate existential threat we have ever experienced, however, except for 99% of the scientists, politicians and the general public made a lousy job about taking it seriously and taking the actions to overcome it so far.

Paris Agreement was a light at the end of the tunnel, but we are still far behind. It’s a huge crisis and we need to take the action and create a climate economy using innovation, available technologies, cutting fossil subsidies to 0, and global collaboration. It’s a complex problem since all our civilization was founded on the fossil fuel economy. Now, we have cost-effective renewable technologies and we have the right path with Paris Agreement especially by developed countries committed to supporting the developing countries. We only have 8 years to cut the carbon emissions by half and by 2050, we need to take it to 0 to prevent the world to experience irreversible catastrophes.

In the end, the world will survive, but it’s the human race that’s in danger by shooting itself by the foot. This will not be like the pandemic and we can’t just cure it by inventing a vaccine. The film, Don’t Look Up, is a great one to explain what has happened in the last decades about Climate Change actions.

Ebook | Paperback


Launched Awaynear.com

Awaynear is the no-code digital development and growth agency that also builds its own digital products, mainly mobile apps — disruptive innovation Saas products that have the potential to affect millions of lives.

The below are screenshots of our website that you can visit here.

No-code development is the present and the future of development offering major advantages
We always strive for creating the best user experience following the design thinking principles and the platforms that create the best results — Figma (UI/UX), Bubble (Development), EditorX(Ultra-Advanced Websites)
Fundraising Awaynear. We prepare your company by giving you the options to build your pitch deck, product and market. We then present your company to potential investors.

Awaynear Digital Publishing

Publish your book for the eyes of over 1 billion readers around the world through the most popular and cost-effective platforms. Publish your book as ebook, paperback, and hardcover with simple pricing. Unlike traditional publishing, digital publishing takes a week to publish to reach readers from around the world.

Whether you are writing the books to share your knowledge, to show the world that you are an expert, to share your fictional characters and their adventures or share your expertise to generate income, digital publishing is the most cost-effective way to grow your audience and generate significant income.

What Awaynear Digital Publishing Offers

  • Publishing in Amazon, Google Books, and Apple Books
  • Editing and Cover Design
  • Translation into 24 languages
  • Marketing to reach the real potential of your sales

Innovation Party Weekly

A weekly newsletter — disruptive innovation that affects millions of lives. Innovation is fun, collaborative and there is a lot of innovations going on each day. Follow and take part in the most disruptive innovation. Develop your business, invest in new business, learn the best sources to learn, and get the deep insight enjoyed by thousands of people already reading Innovation Party Weekly once a week.

The final Innovation Party Weekly of 2021 is below.

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Innovation Party Mag — The Medium Publication

Follow the daily disruptive innovation posts that affect millions of lives.

See here.

About 2022 — Focused on Disruptive Growth

I will further focus on design, no-code development, and writing because I believe these are great ways to have a global audience, products, services, business, benefits, learning experience, and to get to know great people while exploring without frontiers.

You can see the gist of what I currently do in ONE LINK.

More in-depth

  1. 2022 Resolutions using the OKR system
  2. Invest in the Future through Disruptive Mobile Apps
  3. Services
  4. Business Development
  5. Partnership
  6. Contact and Social Media

2022 Resolutions Using the OKR System

Business Resolutions

  • Use social media and email marketing to grow Awaynear and Innovation Party to have 1 million active followers in total.
  • Launch 3 In-house Developed Mobile Apps that reach 100k users each.
  • Generate $1 million building outside businesses.
  • Grow the Awaynear team to 50 top talents.
  • Film weekly interviews with the top performers to add in Innovation Party Spotify podcast, Youtube, Medium and other social media channels.

Lifestyle Resolutions

  • Spend 3x more time with parents and friends and show them they are special.
  • Spend no more than 15 minutes per day browsing social media.
  • Sleep before 12:30 on the week days and wake up at 7am.
  • Track your progress weekly and make adjustments for improvement.
  • Become an Intermediate-Advanced Portuguese Speaker in the First Half of the Year.
  • Become an Intermediate Italian Speaker in the 2nd Half of the Year
  • Travel to 10 Countries and spend 6 months working abroad
  • Learn how to muscle up 5 times and lift 300 lbs 6 times in incline bench press. Complete your gym mini triathlon of 30 minute rowing, 30 minute cycling, 30 minute running.

2. Invest in the Future Through Disruptive Mobile Apps

If you are an investor, VC, or Angel, then, we are currently accepting investments for the below mobile app disruptive innovation businesses that we will be building in 2022. The earlier you invest, the more opportunity for you!

Silicon Road

Social Investment platform with the mission of democratizing startup growth for the entire world.

See more here.


All-in-One museum app that you didn’t know you needed. Museums contain the most valuable knowledge and valuable artifacts of history, art, technology and more. However, the Museum experience is limited when the entire user experience is being digitized for so many fields.

See more about Museooo here.

World’s Home

The world’s smaller and remote working has become a big part of the workforce since many jobs are digital and people love the freedom of working wherever they want. The pandemic also further accelerated the irreversible movement towards the digital nomad lifestyle. Still, being a digital nomad requires individual action and there is no source that people come together to share their ideas, jobs, information about locations, places to go, things to do. Simply put, so many people live probably a street away in some remote place or in a big foreign city or they want to change their lives to do so and they have no way to connect. World’s Home is to offer the global experience for digital nomads to connect and create top value with each other while building a social network of people who work independently.

See more here.

Tesla Citizen

Tesla is bound to become the biggest company in the world with a huge fanbase of millions of people. Tesla has a great community, however, they have nowhere to connect, interact, get more benefits, experience more of Tesla, and add value to each other’s lives. Since Tesla is a high-priced electric car company, the community is well educated and they tend to have the budget to afford premium services.

See more here.


The food digital experience has been focused on delivery. However, the physical food experience has been completely neglected. There are separate apps such as OpenTable to book a seat at a restaurant, however, there is no well-thought-out complete physical food experience app. Eatoo will save 30 minutes by early booking and when the customer arrives, the food will be ready, they will also be able to make side orders and pay the bill without calling the waiter. They will just be able to leave as what occurs with Uber, smoothening the experience and saving time. There are also the deal, loyalty, events, networking and other features of the app making restaurants connect with their customers while making the physical food an experience on its own.

See more here.


Personal Services

  • UI/UX Design. I am an expert on Figma, EditorX and Canva. I am also developing my skills on Affinity Designer.

Figma is the ultimate UI/UX design software that makes especially web and mobile app design perfect with ultra-high fidelity and it’s also a great tool for prototyping.

EditorX is the online software to create the ultra-advanced website. It’s the response of Wix for the leading company in the field, Webflow. EditorX offers advanced animations, interactions and responsive design along with so many apps and tools that’s supported by the large company ecosystem of Wix.

Canva is the leading online graphic design tool that one can use to work individually or with a team to make creative and pixel perfect designs for any kind of design including social media, web, resumes, pitch decks and so on. It’s a go-to solution for any graphic design with a $40 billion valuation.

Affinity Designer is an alternative for Adobe Photoshop and the imagination is the limit to create any vector design including illustrations. It’s online, therefore, it’s easy to work and share. It’s also more user friendly then Adobe PSP.

You can contact me via saygin@awaynear.com for your individual or company design jobs. Please share the concise details of what exactly you would like to build and in how much time.


Words are the most important and effective tools we have to communicate our feels and in business, our products and services. And in marketing, the product’s value is equal to its perceived value, which means the same pen can be $1 or $100 depending on its perceived value and how you make your target audience picture it in their minds.

Copywriting services.

  • Web or Business copy. I create compelling web copies focusing on the value of your product, what it offers to your customers and what makes it different. To create any creative and well-thought-out copy, one needs to know the industry or service in-detail.
  • Blog Posts. Using the AI and SEO tools, I deliver blog posts that captivate your audience, make them take the required action and make your company found in Google.

Contact me via saygin@awaynear.com for your copywriting needs.

Business Development

I have run many businesses and guided them for international growth.

I can develop your business strategy, create your top-notch pitch deck and also guide you for the investment or crowdfunding process.


If you have a promising product, but you don’t have the right strategy to introduce your product or grow your sales, I can lead the marketing strategy and executions for your products and/or service.

Contact and Social Media

You can contact me with any inquiries. Please add the concise details of your project and the solution you are looking for clearly and I will return to you within 24 hours.

My email: saygin@awaynear.com

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Instagram: sai_awaynear

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Facebook: Innovationparty

Twitter — AwaynearFuture



Saygin Celen

Into innovation | design | engineering. Sociable traveller. Check out the link to see how I can be helpful: lnk.bio/Sai_Awaynear or email: saygin@awaynear.com