About Me — 2022 and Beyond

Design, innovation, and collaboration. I believe, these 3 play a fundamental part in who we are as human species and I always look for ways to maximize the outcome and common benefit focusing on the 3.

My 2022
  • My current status
  • What I feel about making individual progress
  • My 2021 in Short
  • About 2022 and How I can Help Your Company Grow


What I Feel About Making Individual Progress

  • People. They say the closest 5 people to you create who you are. If someone very close to you is passionate about something, e.g. about music, traveling, or entrepreneurship, then, in time, you become accustomed to the idea as well. Think of the people whom you spend the most time with. How do they effect your life?
  • Books. Books develop abstract creativity in us. We learn most of what learn by seeing it, but books make us think and visualize, which creates depth and deep insight. If you need an example, all the richest men constantly read books and they don’t read to become rich, but they read because they enjoy gaining deep insight. E.g. Elon Musk learned rocket engineering by reading, Bill Gates read one book a week and Jeff Bezos basically created the ultimate book marketplace, which then became the marketplace of everything. If you don’t have time to read, I’d recommend Blinkist, the short versions of a large selection of books. I also like Audible, Will Smith’s book, Will or you may also listen to my top-rated book, Helium Network, here. Helium Network is a well established crypto mining passive income business that anyone can do and it’s risk-free and takes no time once you set it up.
  • Travel. Traveling is gaining insight, seeing wonderful things, and making connections with people and the culture. I believe it broadens your soul, adds humility and intelligence while making the world around you understand better. When you travel, you are constantly experiencing new things, adapting, enjoying, and solving challenges. As a result, you become a more complete version of yourself and explore places, cultures along with yourself. I spent the second half of 2021 traveling South America, especially Colombia and Brazil. You can follow Innovation Party to follow my view on being a traveller and how it feels to be a digital nomad in the countries that I slow-travel.

2021 in Short


1. Helium Network. The Best Crypto Passive Income Business


Helium Hotspot — Earning passive income ($1000/mo). Used by 450,000 people around the world already. Backed by Google. Creating the people’s network of IoT and 5G.



2. OKR. Master the Performance Framework that Google Perfected

Ebook and Paperback

Climate Crisis and How We Will Create the Climate Economy

Ebook | Paperback


Launched Awaynear.com

No-code development is the present and the future of development offering major advantages
We always strive for creating the best user experience following the design thinking principles and the platforms that create the best results — Figma (UI/UX), Bubble (Development), EditorX(Ultra-Advanced Websites)
Fundraising Awaynear. We prepare your company by giving you the options to build your pitch deck, product and market. We then present your company to potential investors.

Awaynear Digital Publishing

  • Publishing in Amazon, Google Books, and Apple Books
  • Editing and Cover Design
  • Translation into 24 languages
  • Marketing to reach the real potential of your sales

Innovation Party Weekly

Innovation Party Mag — The Medium Publication

About 2022 — Focused on Disruptive Growth

More in-depth

  1. 2022 Resolutions using the OKR system
  2. Invest in the Future through Disruptive Mobile Apps
  3. Services
  4. Business Development
  5. Partnership
  6. Contact and Social Media

2022 Resolutions Using the OKR System

Business Resolutions

  • Use social media and email marketing to grow Awaynear and Innovation Party to have 1 million active followers in total.
  • Launch 3 In-house Developed Mobile Apps that reach 100k users each.
  • Generate $1 million building outside businesses.
  • Grow the Awaynear team to 50 top talents.
  • Film weekly interviews with the top performers to add in Innovation Party Spotify podcast, Youtube, Medium and other social media channels.

Lifestyle Resolutions

  • Spend 3x more time with parents and friends and show them they are special.
  • Spend no more than 15 minutes per day browsing social media.
  • Sleep before 12:30 on the week days and wake up at 7am.
  • Track your progress weekly and make adjustments for improvement.
  • Become an Intermediate-Advanced Portuguese Speaker in the First Half of the Year.
  • Become an Intermediate Italian Speaker in the 2nd Half of the Year
  • Travel to 10 Countries and spend 6 months working abroad
  • Learn how to muscle up 5 times and lift 300 lbs 6 times in incline bench press. Complete your gym mini triathlon of 30 minute rowing, 30 minute cycling, 30 minute running.

2. Invest in the Future Through Disruptive Mobile Apps

Silicon Road


World’s Home

Tesla Citizen



Personal Services

  • UI/UX Design. I am an expert on Figma, EditorX and Canva. I am also developing my skills on Affinity Designer.


  • Web or Business copy. I create compelling web copies focusing on the value of your product, what it offers to your customers and what makes it different. To create any creative and well-thought-out copy, one needs to know the industry or service in-detail.
  • Blog Posts. Using the AI and SEO tools, I deliver blog posts that captivate your audience, make them take the required action and make your company found in Google.

Business Development

Contact and Social Media



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